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Customer testimonials

Avalon Aero at Biggin Hill Airport

“Just a short word on our new tug that you have built and supplied to us here at Avalon Aero. To date this bit of kit has far outperformed our former unit. We were able to support the Fire Service here at Biggin for there charity pull of Formula One's 146. So we had well over 20 movements the new tug was easily able to handle the movements in complete safety. Around the hangar and apron it has the guys lining up to use the tug; it makes the most average of us operators look extra professional at the job!

“Once again thanks for an excellent machine and your 1st class support.”

Alan McIvor
Hangar Manager
Avalon Aero Ltd

Hawker Beechcraft at Hawarden Airport

“We have recently taken delivery of our first Airlift AL45. It is a superb piece of equipment that does everything we could ask of it. It has been used primarily on the Hawker and Beechcraft range of aircraft and has easily been capable of manoeuvring, towing and pushing back all the different types. All of the Hawker Beechcraft engineers are very pleased with its capability and ease of use. It is apparent that a great deal of thought has gone into the design of the Airlift such as the enclosed LED lighting all around including on the front bucket to light the nose leg. The power from the AC motor is smooth and linear and the steering is light making the Airlift very easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces.

“I would recommend this Airlift tug to any organisation who wants to move aircraft efficiently and safely whilst delivering a professional corporate image to customer.”

Simon Jones
Manager, Facilities
Hawker Beechcraft Limited

Spec Sheet: AL45 & AL100

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NEW Twin-Steer AL100

twin steer electric aircraft tug

The new twin-steer AL100 AIRLIFT has a swivel seat and 2 control positions for easy manoeuvring.

Built for heavy duty

heavy duty aircraft tug

2 models available: AIRLIFT AL45 for ramp weights up to 45,000kg, and AIRLIFT AL100 for ramp weights up to 100,000kg.

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