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Aircraft Tugs and Parts For Sale

Airlift AL100

  • Excellent condition
  • Date of manufacture 06/2013
  • Hours used 167

Offers / For Hire

Liftow LT50

  • very good condition
  • new battery and charger
  • Hrs used 463
  • Year of manufacture 02/13

Offers / For Hire

Learjet Wheels x4

4x Learjet 31 wheels, tyres and bearings. No ID, service use only.


Learjet brake units x4

  • 4x brake units for Learjet 55/60 all with paper work
  • P/No 5003096-7
  • Learjet P/No 6600330-21


Tow Head

Falcon 50/900/2000 tow head - used.


Water Couplings

2x water couplings.


Falcon 2000 parts

Falcon 2000EX service parts and engine covers.


Spec Sheet: AL45 & AL100

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NEW Twin-Steer AL100

twin steer electric aircraft tug

The new twin-steer AL100 AIRLIFT has a swivel seat and 2 control positions for easy manoeuvring.

Built to last

heavy gauge steel chassis

AIRLIFT tugs are built on a fully welded steel chassis, with oven baked gloss enamel paintwork

Convenient and easy to use

heavy duty aircraft tug

The winch and the lock-plate are easily controlled from the front of the vehicle

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