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About Us

Company Profile

AIRLIFTs are designed and manufactured in Britain by WMS Electrical and Mechanical Services Ltd.

We have been involved in the aircraft handling industry for many years, servicing and supplying ground support equipment worldwide.

The AIRLIFT was built and designed with the constructive comments from many ground support operators, improving the operation, efficiency and convenience of the Towbarless tug.

Products Supplied

WMS Electrical & Mechanical Services Ltd service and maintain all types of electric vehicles and ground support equipment.

We are also suppliers of:

  • Towbarless tugs
  • Tow tugs
  • Traction batteries
  • Battery chargers
  • Battery connect plugs
  • Auto fill systems
  • Motors
  • Hydraulic pumps
  • AC control units
  • Winches
  • Wrap around straps
  • Pull straps and hooks
  • Wheels and tyres

Spec Sheet: AL45 & AL100

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NEW Twin-Steer AL100

twin steer electric aircraft tug

The new twin-steer AL100 AIRLIFT has a swivel seat and 2 control positions for easy manoeuvring.

Non Polluting

non polluting electric aircraft tug

AIRLIFT tugs are electrically driven and so can be used in and out of aircraft hangars.

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