AIRLIFT towbarless aircraft Tugs

1. Lifting Procedure

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2. Manoeuvring

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3. Setting Down Procedure

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AIRLIFT electric tugs make moving aircraft simple and safe, inside and outside the hangar

AIRLIFT towbarless aircraft tugs are designed and manufactured in Britain to the highest standards. Use of innovative electrical and electronic components allows the utmost safety, quality and reliability, providing a convenient, reliable and efficient method of moving all aircraft

Technical highlights include:

  • Fully welded heavy gauge steel chassis
  • Gloss enamel oven treated paint work
  • Nose wheel safety plate
  • Self centralising steering
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Why Towbar-less?

Towbarless tugs are safer because the tug supports the weight of the aircraft nosewheel, and uses the aircraft weight to balance. Because of this, there is no towbar that can bend or break and lead to an aircraft rolling away without brakes.

Why Electric?

Electric tugs are cleaner because, unlike a diesel, there's no need to warm up and there are no fumes pumping into the atmosphere if you have to wait for an aircraft.

AIRLIFT tugs used by these aviation organisations and companies

AIRLIFT towbarless aircraft tugs are proudly manufactured in Britain by

WMS Electrical & Mechanical Services Ltd
West Yorkshire

Tel: +44 (0)1484 426583
Mob: +44 (0)7961 260652

Spec Sheet: AL45 & AL100

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Non Polluting

non polluting electric aircraft tug

AIRLIFT tugs are electrically driven and so can be used in and out of aircraft hangars.

LOLER Certified, Airside Approved

LOLER certified aircraft tug

All AIRLIFT tugs are certified to the regulation 9 of the LOLER legislation as well as being Airside approved.

Built for heavy duty

heavy duty aircraft tug

2 models available: AIRLIFT AL45 for ramp weights up to 45,000kg, and AIRLIFT AL100 for ramp weights up to 100,000kg.